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Problems we’ve looked at

Working with partners, SOWTech identifies needs relating to sustainable living in aid and development situations. We then work with the partners to design products and processes to alleviate those needs. Examples of some of the "needs" for which SOWTech have developed innovative designs and products are given below.

A rapid response sanitation system

To provide a system to capture and treat human waste in emergency aid situations such as natural disasters or man-related emergencies.

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Why Aid and Development?

Sanitation is just one of the big unsolved issus in developing countries and in Aid situations. Inadequate or more often non-existent sanitation can cause more deaths than disease or the initial disaster.

There is also a great need for large scale water storage at a local level. The rains when they come are allowed to soak into the ground or run off causing soil erosion. It SOWTech’s expertise lies in thinking outside of the box and where we can help the most.

Solar powered cooking

To find a way to reduce the dependency on wood and charcoal for cooking by harnessing the power of the sun.

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What we do

Capturing rainwater

To develop a guttering system to collect roof rainwater in the rainy season and storing it for use in the dry season

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Reduction of respiratory problems

To produce a clean fuel for cooking with to reduce the problems caused by inhalation of wood smoke

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Improved quality of land

To increase crop yield by the use of pasteurised waste water as a liquid fertiliser and for irrigation.

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SOWTech Flexigester at Dar es Salaam SOWTech Pasteu Panel to increase pathogen kill Tomatoes grown in soil fertilised by digestate from Flexigester Cooking with biogas from Flexigester