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Water shortages and droughts have always been part of the African way of life but increasingly the affects of climate change are making the weather more erratic and more extreme. There is a need to store rainwater in the wet season to be able to use it in the dry season. Most water tanks available are small which will only hold up to a few thousand litres of water. Although this is useful, to be of significant benefit hundreds of thousands litres of water need to be stored to give a water source throughout the dry season. SOWTech have therefore designed their rainwater storage tanks to be able to be modular and to hold such quantities of water.

The rainwater storage tank has been designed so that it has minimal surface open to atmosphere. This is for a number of reasons. Firstly it prevents things falling into the water and contaminating it. This includes debris, humans and animals, soil and soil run-off and waste materials. It will also exclude disease vectors preventing them using the water to breed on/on. Having it enclosed will also minimise evaporation of the water. Any water that does evaporate will be captured by the lid, condense and run back into the tank.

The rain water can then be stored in the tank until it is needed in the dry season for crop irrigation, and health and hygiene use. Some treatment is recommended if the water is to be used for human consumption,

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