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What’s in a name?

Sustainable OneWorld Technologies (SOWTech) is a UK company whose expertise creates value for our clients through innovation and development of value engineered waste treatment solutions to specific problems worldwide. Our name reflects our ethos and values.


At SOWTech we define sustainable as being a source of material that is being continually renewed and replaced. A source of input material that will always be available as long as the output is required and that the processing of such material is economically and environmentally viable.


Everyone needs to use the skills and expertise that they have to make changes for the better. Waste management and renewable energy are the skills that SOWTech have and which they seek to apply. SOWTech are looking to develop ways of taking problems, such as waste disposal and unsanitary living conditions, and producing resources, including renewable energy and fertiliser. Technology and products are the outcome of that endeavour.


SOWTech believe that we are all citizens of One World and that everyone has the right to the basic human needs of health care, sanitary living conditions, education and energy. The right to the things that people in the Western world take for granted.

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