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A Flexigester V10 was installed at a training farm in Uganda which was fed with cattle dung and produced biogas for cooking and digestate for use on the fields.

The Flexigester was sponsored by Butyl Products Ltd.

Elshadai is a children’s village in Ethiopia. A Cambridge charity bought them a Flexigester V80 so that they could treat the manure from their herd of Holstein cattle to produce biogas for use in the kitchens at the school on the site. The digestate produced could then be used on the farm.

Elshadai Project in Ethiopia

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Soil fertility and water retention are essential to agricultural soils. The crops rely on the soil to provide the nutrients and water that they need for strong healthy growth. Although chemical fertilisers can provide nutrients for plants without organic matter in the soil the soil will lose it’s water retention properties and its structure. This can result in the nutrients leaching out when it rains and/or the soil being washed away.

Animal waste such as manure can be applied directly to the land to improve it. However if it is first treated by anaerobic digestion it will yield biogas for use as a fuel as well as a nutrient rich organic liquor to be spread on the land.

Kyenjojo Project in Uganda

Installing the Flexigester in Kyenjojo, UgandaRead more >

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