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Roofs that overhang buildings and are made from corrugated material are not easy to add gutters to. Western style gutters are normally attached to the wall which is not possible when the roof overhangs by as much a 0.5m.

The rainfall pattern also makes conventional U shaped gutters unsuitable. Often in the wet season in Africa the rain comes in one heavy downpour lasting up to an hour. U shaped gutters often can not cope with the rate and amount of rain and much of it is lost by it overflowing over the side of the gutter.

SOWTech have therefore designed flexible Raparound gutters that work with the peaks and troughs of the roof to form channels, directing the rain into the gutter. The rain is then directed away, through large bore pipes into buffer tanks situated at intervals along the length of the building.

By wrapping the gutters round the rain is enclosed and cannot easily “bounce out” of the guttered enabling more to be collected.

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Raparound guttering for corregated roofs