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The World Bank states that 2.3 billion people worldwide lack even basic sanitation. The SOWTech sanitation systems are designed to help those people. Based on the Flexigester, a low tech anaerobic digester, the system collects human waste, degrades it in the Flexigester and heat treats it a Pasteau panel. It can then be used on land or disposed of safely.

SOWTech Projects

Sanitation projects

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Worldwide rainfall is becoming more erratic. In many countries the wet season is later and shorter than normal and may never come in some years causing drought and famine. When the rains do come the water is allowed to run away often adding to erosion of top soil. Some is collected in reservoirs and at a household level a small amount may be collected. The SOWTech system collects rain falling on roofs and stores it in large scale tanks for use throughout the dry season

Rainwater harvesting projects

Solar powered eCook stove projects

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Solar powered eCook stove in use in Malawi

In Sub-Saharan Africa most cooking is done using wood based fuels. As demand for wood increases, local supplies are diminishing causing people to travel further to collect wood and costs are increasing. SOWTech are working on a project to design and develop a cook stove that uses solar power as the energy source and phase change material to store that energy until it is needed for cooking.

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Agricultural projects

Herd of cattle in Uganda

Livestock waste is a good source of energy for use in an anaerobic digester such as a Flexigester. Whilst the animal manure can be applied directly to the land when it is first treated by anaerobic digestion it will produce biogas as well as a liquid fertiliser. The biogas has many applications around the farm as a replacement fuel including cooking in the kitchens to heating water for washing.