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Gas bags

SOWTech gas bags in MalawiCarrying SOWTech gas bags

Gas is continuously produced by the breakdown of waste in the Flexigester. This gas is removed for storage and use. A gas line from the Flexigester connects to a Storage Gas Bag or a series of Transportable Gas Bags. These bags can hold 2-10m3 biogas. Storage Gas Bags can be connected directly to the kitchen area by pipework.

If Transportable Gas Bags are used, the bag is disconnected and carried manually to the location where it is to be used. The bag is then connected to a suitable gas appliance and the gas burnt. The process of combustion draws the gas out of the bag and collapses it. Once the bag is empty it is returned and reconnected to the gas system for refilling.

The biogas bags are suitable for all sizes of Flexigester. The number of bags required will depend upon a number of factors including Flexigester size and intended use of the gas.

The gas can be used to replace other fuel sources such as wood, charcoal, LPG or cow dung. Each Transportable Gas Bag should contain enough gas to cook a simple meal for up to 10 people*. The gas also be used to heat water to provide a hot water supply.

*Exact amount dependant on gas quality and meal cooked.