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Sustainable OneWorld Technologies C.I.C. (SOWTech) are a UK company based near Cambridge who think outside the box to bring practical solutions to low and middle-income countries and aid and development situations in the field of sanitation and waste management.

Dr John Mullett

As the founder of SOWTech John is a product and process innovator with international experience of waste management and recycling of organic materials. He has experience of organic waste management in both the developed and low-income countries.


Lynn McGoff

Lynn has an agricultural botany and chemistry training but has worked in the field of compost utilisation for many years. She also has a detailed knowledge of hygiene and health and safety considerations with respect to the use of products made from organic wastes.


SOWTech are a social enterprise so that we can recycle funds into achieving better lifestyles for those who need it most.

We seek to achieve these aims by combining our own resources; our education, experience and access to research, with those of others to create income earning business opportunities for those living in countries where it is needed most.

Our aim is to design products and process that can change lives for the better.

Western technology for sanitation and waste management cannot be directly transferred into aid and development situations. So the SOWTech team have drawn on their many years experience in organic waste management in both the UK and worldwide to design and develop products and processes with the advantages of western technology but which can be used in low and middle-income countries and in aid situations.

Where appropriate SOWTech are forming partnerships with enterprises who can help to deliver these products.

The Team

Alison Chambers

Alison is good with figures having worked in the banking world for many years. She was an Finance Manager for a recycling company and, as a farmers wife, understands the need for sustainable agriculture.


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About us

Ravi Solanki

Ravi is a medical PhD student at Cambridge University and a Past President of the student volunteer organisation Cambridge Development Initiative (CDI). He was the lead for the engineering, healthcare, education and entrepreneurship projects run by CDI in Dar es Salaam in 2015.