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An Interseasonal Rainwater Harvesting system was installed in the primary which is supported by The Africa Trust. The project included a 50m3 storage tank. The gutters collected the water which was stored in the tank. The water was then used for washing, sanitation and irrigation. The water has made a big impact on the school as it has been able to retain both teachers and pupils during the dry season.

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Goal 6 of the Sustainable Development Goals is “Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all”. The UN Sustainability Goals website states “More efficient use and management of water are critical to addressing the growing demand for water, threats to water security and the increasing frequency and severity of droughts and floods resulting from climate change.”

Ever since John Mullett stood in the pouring rain in Uganda, watching it run off the roofs of the building into the ground, whilst listening to a farmer saying how his wife had to go the the river in the bottom of the valley for water, he wanted to devise a system for rainwater harvesting.

The result is the Interseasonal Rainwater Harvesting project.

Interseasonal rainwater harvesting system in Zimbabwe

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Mwoyoweshumba Primary School, Zimbabwe

Rainwater Harvesting Projects