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Everyone needs energy to cook with, to provide light and to provide power. Some of us are lucky enough to be able to flick a switch to get what we want but in many parts of the world the main energy source is firewood and it is becoming more and more scarce. Organic waste is a resource that will always be with us and, using anaerobic digestion, this can be transformed into energy.

Current practice today

The main source of fuel for cooking is firewood. It is becoming increasingly in short supply and women are having to walk further and spend more time each day collecting it. The inhalation of wood smoke is then contributing to respiratory problems.

Alternative fuel sources are charcoal, kerosene and LPG. These can all be expensive and all of them are from non sustainable sources.

Ambitions for a better solution

SOWTech want to supply a system that can take organic waste be it human, animal or vegetable and convert it to biogas.

This is an energy source that is clean and that is produced from a renewable source close to the point of use.

Using biogas can:

The "SOWTech Design"

The main component of the system is the Flexigester. An anaerobic digester made of Butyl rubber that can transform the waste into biogas. The system needs no external power to move the material either into or out of the digester or to move it when it is breaking down in the digester. This means that all the biogas produced can be used to replace the currently used fuel.


The biogas produced by the Flexigester is collected and stored in a Gas Storage Bag. It then has to be transported to the point of use. If this is close to the gas receiver, the gas can be piped direct. However in most situations this will not be feasible. SOWTech have designed transportable gas bags that can be carried to where they are needed.


Equipment incorporating these designs are currently being used in Africa including a project in collaboration with and funded by International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

Biogas as an energy source

What we do

Cooking in the kitchen at Aquaid Children's village Namisu

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