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The Flexigester is designed for use in emergency aid situations, temporary camps and medium sized communities or institutions. It has a black Butyl rubber body with solid plastic input and discharge pipes. The gas out pipes on the Flexigester are connected to a Gas Pressure Regulator and then to Storage Gas bags by a series of solid and flexible pipes. The system is delivered complete and ready to use with minimal installation using hand tools. There is no pit to dig, only a shallow trench and no concrete or bricks to lay so it is ready to use in hours not weeks.

Waste material is fed into the digester by pouring or pumping into the feed input pipe. The waste is delivered below the liquid level to maintain the gas tight seal. The black surface of the digester absorbs the heat from the sun which, in turn, warms the decomposing waste in the Flexigester. The material moves continuously from one end to the other in the body of the Flexigester without the need for external power, causing a release of gas and a flow of material in the digester which aids the breakdown of the material and improves the digestion efficiency.

The decomposing material produces biogas which is removed from the digester and stored in Storage Gas Bags. This can then be used for many uses including cooking or heating water.

The waste stays in the Flexigester for a number of weeks during which time the material breaks down and liquefies eventually producing a liquid and a fine silt. The material can be removed from the digester by an overflow system or using a simple roller pump which conveys the material up out of the digester to a suitable receptacle for disposal or use.

The system includes an overflow discharge pipe to prevent overfilling the digester. The height of the overflow is set so that material will be discharged out of the pipe before it reaches the bottom of the gas out pipes preventing overfilling.

The Flexigester is available in a variety of sizes from 10 to 80 m3 allowing it to be used in a variety of different situations.

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Flexigester V10 at Namisu, Malawi