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Sustainable OneWorld Technologies (SOWTech) was founded by three ex-colleagues who wanted to use their skills and experience for the benefit of people who were in need. Since starting the company we have been joined by two past members of Cambridge Development Initiative. Each member of the team has their own strengths which complement each other.

John Mullett

Dr John MullettJohn has spent all his working life in the organic waste industry. After doing a PhD looking at using macroalgae to clean up oil polluted waters he continued in the algae field investigating the commercial uses for seaweed, including the use of seaweed in horticulture. He then moved onto vermiculture and the cultivation of worms on organic waste for protein and compost production. From there he became involved with the science and development of mixed waste during which time he published a number of scientific papers on process development.

John then moved into the international field, firstly in Europe, and then to Asia, Africa and Australasia, where he visited waste facilities and landfill sites to advise on and develop treatment facilities.

Seeing how the industry was developing in Europe he set up his own successful company to innovate and develop European style facilities at UK prices. The company has gone on to build eight in-vessel composting facilities and two anaerobic digestion facilities.

John has continually innovated and redesigned processes and equipment to meet the needs of the market and to be ahead of changes in legislation. However, following a consultancy visit to Ghana, he realised that there were parts of the world with much greater needs than the UK and that he wanted to use his knowledge and expertise to help those people. That was the birth of Sustainable OneWorld Technologies (SOWTech) C.I.C. The company was set up to have a holistic approach to waste management in developing countries by drawing upon the science and technology of the developed world. Using John’s talent for innovation and thinking outside of the box, he is providing systems for taking organic waste (human, animal or vegetable), treating it to recover the energy and nutrients in it and producing a non-fossil fuel derived gas for cooking with and a pasteurised fertiliser for improved crop growth.

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Lynn McGoff

Lynn McGoffLynn began her working career as an Agricultural Botanist. After completing her degree at Reading University, she worked for ADAS in the Agronomy team. She then worked in a number of environmental and biochemical laboratories before moving into the publishing world as an Information Scientist with the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC).

During her time at the RSC, Lynn became involved with the marketing of journals including running training courses for online databases which were then in their infancy.

After gaining marketing qualifications through Cambridge Marketing College, Lynn worked for a scientific instrument manufacturer before moving back to the RSC as a Technical Editor of three analytical and environmental science journals.

A chance conversation with John Mullett lead to Lynn compiling some technical marketing material for his organic waste recycling company and the rest as they say is history.

Lynn eventually started to work full time for the company doing marketing and business development. She became part of the design team and was involved with the design and permitting of the in-vessel composting facilities and anaerobic digestion facilities built by the company. As the company expanded the marketing was outsourced and Lynn became responsible for all aspects of planning permissions, permitting issues and health and safety within the company.

As much as the UK needs waste facilities there are lots of companies that can fulfil the requirements, therefore when John proposed founding SOWTech Lynn was eager to be part of the venture so that she could be part of something that could make a difference to people who needed it most.

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About us

Alison Chambers

Alison ChambersAlison is in charge of the finances of SOWTech.

She started her career working for a High Street Bank undertaking various roles in their branches in Cambridge. She has over 20 years Financial background and 7 years as an accomplished Branch Manager in retail banking.

Alison is now an experienced Finance Manager where she has worked for a waste management recycling company working alongside the Group Finance Controller to achieve maximum efficiency in the accounts department and has also managed the accounts for a number of small private companies.

Alison was appointed Finance Manager of SOWTech in March 2013. Having worked previously with John and Lynn, Alison was delighted to become part of the team as could see SOWTech will make a real difference and change lives for the better.

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Ravi Solanki

Ravi is a medical and PhD student at the University of Cambridge. During his time at Cambridge he has co-founded a semi-professional foreign affairs magazine to provide introspective analysis of a range of topics from politics and governance to technology and culture including securing long-term corporate funding. Ravi started with CDI as a student volunteer in the Health Care project to design a new franchise-based model for delivering primary care. In 2015 he became the President of CDI when he led 41 Cambridge University and 38 Students from Ardhi University, Dar es Salaam in the design and implementation of projects in four broad sectors: education, sanitation, healthcare, and entrepreneurship. This included to SimpliSafi system.

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