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Kyenjojo, Uganda

Project Bulletin 1

Bulletin date: 25 July 2015

Starting to fill the FlexigesterMixing cattle dung with water in a mixing tankLining the trench for the Flexigester in Sierra LeoneLaying out the Flexigester in the trench

Laying out the Flexigester

Starting to fill the Flexigester

Building a wall round the Flexigester in Uganda Digging the Flexigestertrench in Uganda

Paul has cattle on his farm and the dung from the cattle is ideal to put into the Flexigester. The Flexigester was installed in its trench but Paul was worried about the security of it and so built a brick and concrete wall to protect the Flexigester and the inlets and outlets.

He knew from past experience that the cattle dung is too solid to flow into a digester so he built a concrete mixing tank so that water could be added to the cattle dung to make it runny so that it would flow into the Flexigester under gravity

Digging the trench

Mixing dung in the mixing tank

The gas storage bag

Paul Kyalimpa runs a demonstration farm for the Sustainable Agriculture Farming Initiative in Kyenjojo, near Fort Portal in Uganda. We first met Paul at a talk at the Centre for Global Equality in Cambridge as he is also part of the charity Afrinspire. He told us how he had built a concrete anaerobic digester but that it wasn’t working as the gas leaked out of the concrete. We told him of our Flexigesters and he was immediately interested in having one.

With the help of Butyl Products and Afrinsipre we sent Paul a Flexigester V10 system and on his recent visit to Uganda John helped to install it with him.

Building a wall round the Flexigester

Flexigester V10 on the farm

The gas pipe work was connected up and the gas storage bag was hung in the rafters of an out building. Once the microbial culture in the Flexigester is established the biogas that it produces will be used by Paul’s wife Christine to cook with and the biofertiliser will be used on his land.