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The opportunity to use the material from the Flexigester directly onto land as fertiliser is not always possible. In that situation the material needs to be disposed of in a way that does not harm humans, animals or the environment.

The SOWTech Soil Donuts are designed to capture the particles and nutrients in the liquid from the Flexigester and to remove the water by enhanced evaporation.

The material from the Pasteu Tubes is pumped into the centre of the Soil Donut where it migrates to the outside by capillary action. Once it arrives at an outer surface the water evaporates using the heat of the sun leaving behind any particles and nutrients.

The Soil Donut can be refilled many times and eventually the nutrient rich soil in the Donut can be used as a growing medium.

Soil Donuts

SOWTech Flexigester system with Soil Donuts at Namisu Childrens Village, Malawi

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