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A new fishing rod - how you can be part of the Flexigester programme

Installation of the Flexigester in Namisu, Malawi - a timelapse video

SOWTech eCook stove project

Impact of Interseasonal Rainwater Harvesting System in Zimbabwe

Technical papers by SOWTech

TA10 - The value of Biofertiliser

TA11 - Sewage as a source of plant macro-nutrients

TA20 - Durability of Butyl fabrics in the tropics

TA21 - What is Butyl Rubber

TA41 - Review of biogas installations worldwide


Butyl Products Ltd - manufacturers of the Flexigester

Aquaid Lifeline - Charity working with orphaned and needy children in Malawi


On this page are links to further information about SOWTech activities and related technical articles as well as links to other relevant websites.

Briefing note

BN11 - User benefits of anaerobic digestion

BN12 - Eco benefits of anaerobic digestion

BN13 - Outputs from anaerobic digestion