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In February 2014 a Flexigester Integrated Faecal Treatment system was installed at the Namisu Children’s Village, Malawi. This is an orphanage and school with residential and day pupils which is run by Aquaid Lifeline. The system at Namisu is designed for use by 200 people per day and has a footprint of approximately 20 m x 6 m. The facility allows the children to use pour-flush toilets instead of pit latrines improving hygiene and health.

SOWTech Projects

Namisu Project in Malawi

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A Flexigester V10 has being installed in the Young Offenders Institute in Wellington, near Freetown in Sierra Leone.

The Institute is supported by Practical Tools Initiative who arranged the shipment and installation of the Flexigester which was sponsored by Butyl Products Ltd.

Freetown Project in Sierra Leone

In 2014 Cambridge Development Initiative installed a simplified sewage system including pour-flush toilets in the slum area of Vingunguti in Dar es Salaam. To complement the system a Flexigester V40 has been installed to treat the sewage before disposal and to produce gas to sell as an alternative fuel for cooking with.

Dar es Salaam Project in Tanzania

Elshadai is an orphanage near Wukro in Ethiopia that looks after 160 children. One of the sponsors of the orphanage are FECIN (Friends of Ethiopian Children in Need). The orphanage includes a farm with a herd of 25 Holstein cows. They are using to Flexigester to produce gas for cooking from the manure created by the cows.

Kyenjojo Project in Uganda

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Elshadai Project in Ethiopia

Flexigester mixing tank in Uganda

Paul Kyalimpa runs a demonstration farm in Kyenjojo, Uganda where he trains local farmers as part of the Sustainable Agriculture Farming Initiative. He has recently installed a Flexigester V10 which he is using to produce fertiliser for the farm and biogas for cooking as well as being able to demonstrate the use of the Flexigester to local farmers.

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