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After two months in use the Flexigester S14 is in full use. The children are using the pour-flush toilets and animal manure and kitchen waste are also being added to the Flexigester.

The liquor removed from the Flexigester is being pumped into the soil donuts to enrich the soil and the gas bags are filling up with the biogas being produced from the waste. There was great excitement when it was found that the gas is burnable but as expected the methane content is low.

The gas bag was hooked up the a stove in the kitchen to heat up some water to demonstrate what it can do.

Flexigester gas bag outside kitchen Biogas burning Heating water with biogas

Burnable gas from the storage bag

Using the gas to heat water

Transportable gas storage bag outside the kitchen

Namisu, Malawi

Project Bulletin 2

Bulletin date: 5 May 2014

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