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Cooking with gas in Ethiopia

11 September 2018

We have recently had some news from our latest project in Ethiopia. You may remember that in the autumn last year we heard that the Flexigester was fully installed at Elshadai Children's 'Village' – Wukro and had started to make gas. Well the latest news is that it is making lots of gas. In fact it is making so much that they can’t use it all at the moment.

One of the main foods that they cook is injera which is a sourdough bread that looks like a pancake or crepe but with a more spongy texture. The flour that it is made from is left to ferment with water for a few days and the resulting dough is baked on a large flat plate with a lid on it. The orphanage in Wukro, Ethiopia, uses electric ovens to bake the injera as they have been unable to source biogas ovens but they use the biogas in the stoves on which they cook the sauces to go with the injera. We have done some research into injera ovens powered by biogas and have found an entrepreneur in Ethiopia who has been designing such stoves. We are passing the information onto Elshadai to see if they are suitable for them.

The photographs shown here of the Flexigester and gas bag at Elshadai are from the EOS-UK.org website with permission.

Flexigestr and biogas bag at Elshadai Biogas bag on trolley at Elshadai Biogas stove at Elshadai

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