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Elshadai, Ethiopia

Project Bulletin 2

Bulletin date: 4 October 2017

Using old slurry to activate the Flexigester

Mixing manure to feed the Flexigester

The shelter that they had built over the Flexigester did its job and protected it from the worst of the storms which meant that they could eventually get back to finishing the installation.

The concrete mixing tank was built to be able to mix the cattle manure with water so that it could flow into the Flexigester. Once that was built the Flexigester was fed with the cow manure and gas started to be produced.

After the initial good work installing the Flexigester the elements conspired against the team. Firstly there were bad hail storms in July which damaged their crops and this was then followed by unusually heavy rain which caused flooding. Luckily there were no injuries to the children or the staff but their crops were devastated which meant not only a loss of a food source for the children but also a loss of income stream as they would have no surplus produce to sell. Therefore Flexigester was no longer top priority as they had to deal with the damage caused by the storms.

Flexigester inflated with biogas

Flexigester V40 is in use at Elshadai

Effects of the storm on the tomato crops


Tomato crop at Elshadai, Ethiopia before storm Tomato crop at Elshadai, Ethiopia after the storm Activating the Flexigester with slurry Mixing cattle manure to feed the digester Flexigester producing gas < Previous