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Elshadai, Ethiopia

Project Bulletin 1

Bulletin date: 25 June 2017

Digging the trench

The trench is complete

The trench was dug for the Flexigester using a mechanical digger as this was so much bigger than the V10s installed in other locations.

The Flexigester was then inflated with air to make it easier to handle and put into the trench.

The next stage was to build a roof over it to protect it from the extremes of the weather.

All that is now left to do is the build tank to be able to mix the dung with liquid before it goes into the Flexigester.

Flexigester V40 arrives at Elshadai

The Elshadai cattle

The orphanage at Elshadai has a large amount of cattle manure produced every day. This manure makes an good feedstock for a Flexigester and in November 2016 a Flexigester V40 was delivered to Elshadai to process the manure and produce biogas to be used in the kitchen.

Flexigester in the trench

Flexigester V40 is installed at Elshadai

Flexigester V40 arrives in ElshadaiTrench ready for the Flexigester V40Flexigester V40 in the trenchCattle at Elshadai, EthiopiaDigging the trench for the Flexigester

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4 October 2017

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