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Dar es Salaam

Project Bulletin 2

Bulletin date: 28 August 2015

SimpliSafi is created

Over the past 10 weeks students from Cambridge University's Cambridge Development Initiative (CDI; http://cdi.soc.srcf.net) have been building a sustainable simplified sewerage system in Vingunguti, an informal settlement area of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. What makes this project unique is that the system not only collects sewage from areas that can not normally be part of a sewage system but the sewerage system is then connected to a Flexigester so that the sewage can be treated before discharging it AND the biogas produced can be sold back to the local community as a fuel for cooking to replace charcoal. The sale of the biogas will generate an income which makes the provision of the whole system a “money earner”. This system has been given the name “SimpliSafi”.

The Cambridge University students with the help from students from Ardhi University in Dar es Salaam provided pour-flush toilets to 80 households and connected them to pipework taking the sewage directly from the latrines to the Flexigester. After treating the digestate then goes into the city's waste treatment ponds.

The local water authority and company in Dar es Salaam, DAWASA and DAWASCO are enthusiastic supporters of the project and have provided the land that the Flexigester is built on. The students from Ardhi University will be running of the system once to Cambridge students have returned home.

Sealing the pipework of the Flexigester V40 Filling the Flexigester V40 with waste water SimpliSafi Flexigester Connecting the gas out pipe to the Flexigester V40 Building simplified sewerage systen in Dar es Salaam Simplified sewrage system in Dar es Salaam Flexigester V40 and gas bag installed Putting the Flexigester V40 in the trench Lining the Flexigester V40 trench Filling the Flexigester V40 with waste water SimpliSafi Flexigester in Vingunguti

Building the simplified sewerage system

Completed section of simplified sewerage in Dar es Salaam

Lining the trench

Putting the Flexigester V40 in the trench

Sealing the pipework

Filling with water from the waste lagoons

Flexigester filling up

Connecting the gas out pipe

The system is complete….

…and named

Looking back towards Vingunguti

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