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Dar es Salaam

Project Bulletin 1

Bulletin date: 14 July 2015

A Flexigester V40 has been sent to Dar es Salaam in Tanzania as part of a project run by Cambridge Development Initiative (CDI; http://cdi.soc.srcf.net/). CDI is a student-led development organisation who are working with communities in Dar es Salaam. One of their projects is a simplified sewage system in one of the slum areas in Dar es Salaam, Vingunguti, an informal settlement of 80,000 people. This area contains one of the city's huge waste treatment ponds. The existing sewage system discharges into this pond but the sewage is not treated and the people of Vingunguti are not connected to that sewage system. So last summer the students helped to install a simple sewage system along with new pour-flush toilets to about 20 households in Vingunguti. This summer they are looking to not only expand the system but also the treat the waste before it goes into the pond using a Flexigester.

The sewage will be diverted through the Flexigester where it will be treated and produce biogas. This biogas will then decanted into transportable gas bags and sold to individual households for use as a cooking fuel. The bags can then be returned and refilled just as we would with calor gas bottles. At present most cooking is done on charcoal or kerosene and the average family spends about $2 per day on charcoal. So selling the gas will not only reduce their costs and provide a cleaner fuel but will enable a local entrepreneur to set up a business and make a living selling the gas.

Packing the Flexigester V40

Packing Flexigester V40

Complete Flexigester V40 system ready for dispatch to Dar es Salaam

Flexigester V40 goes to Tanzania

Flexigester V40 being checked for gas tightness before dispatch

Checking Flexigester V40 before dispatch

Flexigester V40 ready to go in the crate

Flexigester V40 folded and packed

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28 August 2015

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